1. What is HousingGalaxy.Com?

HousingGalaxy.com is a consumer website offers the following services to the interested Real estate Sellers, Buyers, Agents, Movers and onlookers.
(A) Property Search – Feeling tired and bored? Not anymore. We are your right partners in finding what you need in real-estate
     and help you reach your goal. You trust us, will assure the rest for you.
(B) Property Posting - Help you post your properties and make you understand the responses received and market potential for
     your property.
(C) Find an Agent – Help you find a right partner in search of your dream property
(D) Find a Mover – Help you find a right partner to move into your dream house

2. Why should I Register and What are the benefits?

Registration process at HousingGalaxy.com is easy. You can register within a few minutes with few simple steps followed. Registered user at HousingGalaxy.com has more privileges than a non-registered user. Please take a look at some of those salient benefits registered users only will enjoy over non-registered users.

3. How can I Register at HousingGalaxy.com?

It’s easy. You can do it couple of ways, but will give you the short cuts.
From the FAQ page( where currently you are on), move the cursor over to the top of the page to the right and click the link “Register” as shown below, it will take you to the Registration Page.


From the FAQ page (where currently you are on), click the following link - Register here

Once you are on the Registration page, provide a valid email address, your First Name, Surname, a valid Phone number and click Submit button by agreeing to the terms and conditions. In less than a minute, you will receive a new email in your inbox with an “Activation” link embedded in it. Follow the instructions provided in the email to set a password to your account and embark a great journey into Housing Galaxy.

4. What are the profiles one can register at HousingGalaxy.com and how are they different?

During Registration process, we ask you whether you are 'Owner' or an 'Agent' or a 'Mover'.Each of these profiles comes with a varied set of features, benefits and limitations.See below what each of these profiles can do and can’t. it is important that you determinewho you are to this site and begin to use the features that are available to the profile you have registered into.

5. How can I list/add my property?

You have to be a registered user with us to avail this opportunity. If you are already a registered user, go to top menu bar on the page as shown below and click "Post Property" link to add your property.


click the following link – Add Property

If you are not a registered user yet, please refer to “How can I register” section on this FAQ page.

6. How can I edit/update my property??

You can edit your active property anytime to make any corrections or to add any missing information you think would enhance the chances of your property being viewed by more customers.Go to "My Galaxy" menu on top of the page and click "My Listings" menu item as shown below.


click the following link – My Listings

If you are not a registered user yet, please refer to “How can I register” section on this FAQ page.

7. I added a property, but I am unable to view it in Search Results. Why?

We do a quick sanity check on every property being registered at our site. We do this to ensure we give our valued customers cleansed and business appropriate information about the properties we maintain. This verification step takes about 2-4 hours after you have posted your property. Once the verification is complete and your property has been identified compliant with our data privacy principles, it will be activated for public view. Even after the specified timeframe mentioned above is passed and still not able to view the property you have posted, there seems to be an issue. No worries, write an email us at [email protected], we will take care of it.

8. How long my property will be Active for viewers to search, find and view?

Since your property is posted under FREE account, it will be available for public view for 30 days from the date of posting your property. After that, it will be de-activated by our system automatically and removed from all of the VIEWs. It means none of the users able to either find it or view it on the site which will reduces the number of views to your property and decreases the chances of finding a potential buyer or renter for your property.

9. What should I do to keep my listing/property active more than a default 30 days?

Simple, list your property as ‘Featured’. All ‘Featured’ properties continue to be active until 90 days of its posting. Also, Featured properties are always listed ahead in the list compared the listings that are not posted as "Featured".

10. My Property is Sold/Rented/Leased. How can I de-list my property?

If you wish to de-list your Active property due to it is no longer available in the market or any other reasons,you are free to do this anytime under no obligation.

Go to "My Galaxy" menu on top of the page and click "My Listings" menu item as shown below , click the "Edit" button of your property that you wish to de-list and once on the property details, change the status of the property from "Active" to "Inactive" and click Save. Once your changes are saved, property will no longer be available for users in their search results.


click the following link – My Listings