About Us


HousingGalaxy.com is a consumer website offers the following services to the interested Real estate Sellers, Buyers, Agents, Movers and onlookers.


HousingGalaxy.com – part of V Maze Technologies (vmaze.com).


HousingGalaxy.com offers,

Ø  Property Listing - Help you post your Properties and make you understand the responses received and market potential for your property.

Ø  Property Search - We are your right partners in finding what you need in Real estate and help you reach your goal. You trust us, will assure the rest for you.

Ø  Builder Services – List your Projects & Properties. Expand your brand name with our Micro-site.

Ø  Find an Agent - Help you find a right partner in search of your dream property.

Ø  Find a Packers/Movers- Help you find a right partner to move into your dream house.


Managing Partners

Mr. Prema Swarup

Mrs. Kumari

IT Steering Committee

Narasimha Pamidipati, Kishore Idumudi, Ramesh Dhulipalla, Vijaya D and Lalitha I